A computer system comprises hardware and software components, aiming to offer a powerful computational tool. These systems play a crucial role across diverse domains, aiding us in numerous tasks. The prevalence of the internet has significantly bolstered the utilization of computers for information sharing and communication. Computer systems empower us to store, process, display, and transmit information. Even in a basic modern computer system, multiple programs are typically required to carry out various functions effectively.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The world of software

The business of many companies and organizations nowadays is essentially based on software.

Software tasks range from controlling nuclear power plants, recognizing customer purchasing patterns, enabling stock trading and running banking system all the way to running mobile phone systems and exploring for oil.

Software intensive systems, such as automotive or telecommunication systems and services such as financial services, increasingly depend on software.

Software helps people to cope with their tasks in more effective, less strained or more satisfying way. Software serves to control technical processes or support work processes.

The software world is changing, as the internet drives changes in other information technologies and applications.

It becomes obsolete, if the environment for which it was developed, changes. Hence software may be retired due to environmental changes, new requirements, new expectations, etc.

The internet and Dotcom boom brought in the next revolution in the software industry.

Many argue that this was the decade that also saw a birth of a completely new generation of companies that were formed by college dropout and those were the companies which were in so much hurry to produce what they felt market needed.
The world of software

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