A computer system is a collection of hardware and software components designed to provide an effective tool for computation. Computer system are used in every walk of life to assist us in the various tasks we perform. The wide availability of the internet has enhance the use of computer for information sharing and communication. Computer system allows us to store, process, display and communicate information. In any modern computer system even a simple one, in general needs several different programs in order to accomplish its various functions.

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Instant messaging

Instant messaging, or IM as it’s commonly referred to, is a form of text-based, real-time communication, that enables users to share digitally-based information such as text, audio, and video instantly with each other and monitor the availability of a list of users over a network of computers, such as the Internet.

It is considered as a type of Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) which defines any communicative transaction that occurs through the use of two or more networked computers.

Computer-based messaging could date back to the early computing era. In the early days of messaging, people primarily interacted via desktop computers. Developed in the 1990s for personal chat and entertainment, instant messaging is rapidly becoming a de facto standard for instantaneous communications within the workplace. Instant messaging enables users to communicate effectively and efficiently with one another.

Across the business organizations, the benefits of the instant messaging technology and real-time communication have helped instant messaging to evolve from a tool used by normal users into communication tool among the employees in their organizations and an improving tool for the decision-making process.

The instant messaging and social network platforms allow users to register and connect to one another for easy communication and continued attention are on them not only from the industry but also, the academia.
Instant messaging

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