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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Junk Email

Junk email is bulk email, spam or other unwanted email messages. Unwanted junk email is annoying and disruptive, forcing the user to wade through huge amounts of useless or offensive messages just to find the one the user needs.

It is certainly a scourge. Junk emails also potentially serve as part of Phishing scams. The phishing email asks the user to update personal information or provides a link that takes the user to a fake website that asks to supply passwords or other personal information.

To help reduce this problem, Windows Live Mail includes a built-in filter that automatically screens email to identify and separate the junk email from legitimate email. Windows Live Mail automatically identifies many types of junk email from the first use, often without the need for feedback from the user.

However, the end user can throttle the sensitivity of the junk email feature to catch more junk email.

The junk email filter helps reduce unwanted messages in user inbox. Junk email also known as spam, is moved by the filter to the Junk Email Folder. The filter evaluates each incoming message to assess whether or not it might be spam, based on several factors such as message content and the time the message was sent.
Junk Email

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