A computer system comprises hardware and software components, aiming to offer a powerful computational tool. These systems play a crucial role across diverse domains, aiding us in numerous tasks. The prevalence of the internet has significantly bolstered the utilization of computers for information sharing and communication. Computer systems empower us to store, process, display, and transmit information. Even in a basic modern computer system, multiple programs are typically required to carry out various functions effectively.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Utility Programs

The utility programs is a type of system software that allows a user to perform maintenance-type tasks, usually related to managing computer, its devices, or it programs.

The utility programs for large computer systems are designed for professional system programmers to either modify or repair the system software. Many utility programs such as programs for finding files, diagnosing and repairing system problems, cleaning up a hard drive, viewing images, playing multimedia files and backing up files. It also helps to secure and safeguard data.

However the utility programs for microcomputers are very often used by end users.

They are user friendly and designed for end users, change the monitor’s background pattern, or install computer hardware. It is a software program that performs a specific task, usually related to managing or maintaining a computer system.

Most operating system include several built-in utility programs. Some of the principal utility programs are as follows:

File manager
A file manger is a utility that perform functions related to file management.

Data recovery 
A data recovery utility is used to “undelete” a file or information that has been accidentally deleted. With this function, users are able to undo the last delete operation that has taken place.

Maintenance log and activity information 
The operating system can create a log of system users and provide a record of system activity.

Screen saver
A screen saver prevents a monitor’s display screen from being etched by an unchanging image.

The backup utility allows users to make a backup (duplicate) copy of the information on the hard disk. During the backup process, the backup utility monitors progress and alert the user of it needs additional media, such as CD.

Data compression
Data compression removes redundant elements, gaps, and unnecessary data from a computer’s storage space, so less space is required to store or transmit data.

Disk defragmenter 
Disk defragmenter is a utility that reorganize the files and unused space on a computer’s hard disks that the operating system accesses data more quickly and programs run faster.

Virus protection
A virus consists of hidden programming instructions that are buried within an application or system program. They can reproduce themselves and cause damage to computer programs. There are many security programs available, such as antivirus programs and antispyware programs and firewall programs.
Utility Programs

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