A computer system comprises hardware and software components, aiming to offer a powerful computational tool. These systems play a crucial role across diverse domains, aiding us in numerous tasks. The prevalence of the internet has significantly bolstered the utilization of computers for information sharing and communication. Computer systems empower us to store, process, display, and transmit information. Even in a basic modern computer system, multiple programs are typically required to carry out various functions effectively.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


When all the circuitry for a digital computer is contained on one integrated circuit, the unit is called a microcomputer.

Even though there are self-contained memory and input/output circuits contained in microcomputer, external circuits of the same type may be added, especially memory.

Microcomputers are designed for a single-user environment and small business applications. However, more and more business people are using microcomputers for both multi-user networks and business applications.

For example, a business person can use a microcomputer to organize financial transactions, prepare corporate tax return to update the inventory that they provide solutions for most business applications.

A microcomputer uses a microprocessor as the central processing unit. Microprocessor can be very powerful despite their small size.

As the brain of the microcomputer, microprocessor evaluates and executes every instruction given by the computer’s software.

Normally a microcomputer uses several integrated circuits popularly referred to as chips because each is constructed in a tiny slice or chip of silicon.

Sometimes all of the co0mpnents for the microcomputer are contained within a single integrated circuit and this type of device is called a single chip microcomputer to differentiate it from the more common microprocessor device.

 Today microcomputer is associated more with communications and with computing on a grand scale than it is with the idea of standalone workstation. Processing capabilities are still important at the local level but concurrent processes are more important.

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