A computer system is a collection of hardware and software components designed to provide an effective tool for computation. Computer system are used in every walk of life to assist us in the various tasks we perform. The wide availability of the internet has enhance the use of computer for information sharing and communication. Computer system allows us to store, process, display and communicate information. In any modern computer system even a simple one, in general needs several different programs in order to accomplish its various functions.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Business Intelligence Tools

The solution to the problem of a poor analytical environment in a company with multiple data source, different report writers and lack of analytical tools can be implemented a data warehouse with modern business intelligence software as a front end for the users. The classic data warehouse and business intelligence architecture relies on a repository of quality, integrated data at its core.

Business intelligence can improve corporate performance in any information-intensive industry. Companies can enhance customer and supplier relationship, imp rive the profitability of products and service, create worthwhile new offerings, better manage risk, and pare expenses dramatically, among many other gains.

With modern ETL (extraction, transformation, and loading) tools and most databases vendors now supporting open standards protocols it is finally becoming feasible for companies to implement data-warehouses that can be updated and maintained with relative case.

ETL is the process of pulling data out of sources systems and organizing it in a central data warehouse. The result is a common data, repository, which provides decision makers with endless possibilities for investigating (data mining) and analyzing variances, trends and exceptions. ETL tools greatly improved the overall process of creating a data warehouse.

Because a modern business intelligence solution feeds off a frequently updated data-warehouse that includes detailed information it becomes much more than just a tool for executives (like the old executive information systems, but it can become a tool for any person within the organization or related to it who needs easy and fast access to summarized and detailed information from across the company’s databases. ETL tools remain a major mechanism for creating physical stores of historical data for business intelligence.
Business Intelligence Tools
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