A computer system is a collection of hardware and software components designed to provide an effective tool for computation. Computer system are used in every walk of life to assist us in the various tasks we perform. The wide availability of the internet has enhance the use of computer for information sharing and communication. Computer system allows us to store, process, display and communicate information. In any modern computer system even a simple one, in general needs several different programs in order to accomplish its various functions.

Sunday, February 21, 2021

SAP: Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing

SAP was originally introduced in the 1980s as SAP R/2, which was a system that provided users with a soft real-time business application that could be used in multiple currencies and languages.

SAP is incredibly large, extensive software packages used to manage a company's business processes.

By using of this package makes it possible to track and manage, in real-time, sales, production, finance accounting and human resources in an enterprise. SAP brings discipline in the company and it has various authorization level, complete tract record of entries, correction and movements.

SAP based the architecture of R/3 on a three-tier client/server model.
• Presentation Server
• Application Server
• Database Server
SAP: Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing

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