A computer system is a collection of hardware and software components designed to provide an effective tool for computation. Computer system are used in every walk of life to assist us in the various tasks we perform. The wide availability of the internet has enhance the use of computer for information sharing and communication. Computer system allows us to store, process, display and communicate information. In any modern computer system even a simple one, in general needs several different programs in order to accomplish its various functions.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Internet Commerce

Nowadays shoppers can buy online at their convenience at any time and from anywhere. The World Wide Web provides the basic communication infrastructure or framework for supporting consumer oriented e-commerce,

E-commerce can be defined as a means of conducting business electronically via online transaction among trading partners.

While e-commerce encompass business activities that is conducted electronically, such as using the world wide web, the multimedia interactive component of the internet, telephone lines, leased lines and wireless, e-business can be understood as a superior set which extends the understanding of e-commerce to reflect the vision of the organization.
E-commerce can be between two business transmitting funds, goods, or services or between a business and a customer.

The goods or services are ordered over the internet, but the payment or ultimate delivery of the good or service may be conducted on or off line.

Internet or the information superhighway has been well understood as the enabler or the enabling technology. E-commerce sites nowadays expose variable degrees of sophistication, functionality, and complexity. Most e-commerce sites lists of available products, usually organized in category.
Internet Commerce
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